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305GB - Pressure Steamers


  • Pressure Gauge
  • Electronic Controls with LED read-out
  • Digital display – chamber and steam generator pressure
  • Built in steam generator
  • Class ‘A’ air gap
  • Single stainless steel compartment
  • Timer
  • Automatic defrost device

Further Information

Ease of Operation

  • Operates on zero, half or one bar pressure. It is also temperature programmable
  • Same time setting for any quantity of the same product
  • Simply push one button and the machine automatically gets itself ready in approximately 5minutes
  • Door cannot be opened when under pressure, so perfectly safe

Outstanding Results

  • Cooking with dry steam under pressure produces vegetables with exceptional colour and appearance. By cooking to demand you eliminate waste. It offers today's chefs the benefits of speed, flexibility and unbeatable finished product. It gives you the competitive edge, ensuring your customers return tomorrow.

Energy Saving Features

  • Insulated boiler and cooking chamber. Minimal power usage when on stand by.
  • Most vegetables cook in seconds/ minutes. Simply cook what you need when you need it - the ultimate in portion control. 305G = 1/80+ portions every minute or so.