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Hobart Shortlist Success

Hundreds of food and drink products were tested during September and equipment entries debated by industry experts from across all sectors of hospitality.

Hobart Shortlist Success

Our innovative Bonnet Compact Kitchen Concept has been shortlisted for the 2016 Product Excellence Awards by The Caterer in the ‘Microwaves & Rapid Cooking’ category.

The awards recognise excellence and innovation in food, drink and equipment products within the hospitality sector.

Lisa Jenkins, products and suppliers editor for The Caterer, said: "It’s a pleasure to share these results with our audience; to highlight the extraordinary amount of creativity, innovation, responsibility and ingenuity available in our sector.

"Hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars rely on their suppliers and producers to help them attract and retain customers. Without amazing products we would have no bums on seats...No pans to cook your breakfast eggs, no plates, no cocktails mixed, no luxurious bedding to lie on, no fluffy towels. Imagine your favourite restaurant without the best joint of meat, and pubs without dishwashers that guarantee a spotless and smear-free glass."

The winners will be announced on 1 December at Westminster Kingsway College, London.

To find out more about our Compact Kitchen Concept click here.

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